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Park Board looking for a few additional members

The tennis courts on the west end of Depot Park were resurfaced earlier this month thanks to joint funding from several entities, including the city, county and school, along with grant funds from the regional and state tennis association and local tennis association dues. The cost was about $23,000. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

The Park Rapids Park Board is looking for members.

Sue Cutler, chair of the Park Rapids Park Board, presented a 2010 annual report to the city council last week. She said there are several new people on the board but there is room for two more people. The board can have up to seven people.

Anyone interested in joining the parks board can contact Cutler at 652-4833. There is no residency requirement. Members do not need to live within the city limits, which is a common misperception, she said.

Over the last year, the parks board completed several projects including:

n Cracks in the tennis courts at Depot Park were repaired in 2009. Earlier this month, six tennis courts in Depot Park were resurfaced. This was accomplished with joint funding from the city, county and school, along with grant funds from the regional and state tennis association and local tennis association dues. The cost was about $23,000.

Cutler said ideally, the tennis courts should be resurfaced but it had been 15 years since the west courts in Depot Park had been resurfaced.

The collaboration of several entities to accomplish the project was impressive, she said.

n A memorial bench was purchased to be placed in Pioneer Park. A donation of 1/3 the cost was made by the Curtis family. The remainder of the funding was from a Rotaract donation.

n Children's play equipment was purchased and placed at Olson Ball field. The public restroom at the ball field was adapted to become handicapped accessible. The funding for both projects came from parkland dedication funds.

Several other projects are in progress:

n A volleyball court was started in Rice Park. The city purchased the sand and initial work was done by volunteers. Northland Lumber donated materials for the net posts. Some further work needs to be done with sand spreading and finishing. The park board is looking for volunteers to complete the project.

n The Master Gardeners are working on a project at the Department of Natural Resources fisheries dam. They will install native plants near the old mill house and replace some shoreline vegetation near the fishing pier.

n An ice skating rink has been proposed for Depot Park, west of the tennis courts. Paul Larson, a member of the park board, is heading up the project. Larson is working to get the rink built with mostly volunteer labor and donated materials. The plan is to have a rink in place this winter. Further development of the rink would take place over several years.

n The park board is looking to develop amenities for Lindquist Park. This would be a collaborative effort by a coalition of people from the park board, Hubbard County, St. Joseph's Area Health Services, Heritage Living Center, the Statewide Health Improvement Program and HRDC. The park would be made more accessible for disabled people to enjoy.

Future projects include:

n The park board will look into historical designation for the tone building at Red Bridge Park.

n Some of the supporting timbers on the Red Bridge need replacement. This will be a joint county and city project.

For more information about the park board or to volunteer call Cutler at 652-4833.


Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561