Ministry focuses on God


First Baptist Church members are spreading the word of God through scripture.

Volunteers put together books of scripture and send them to countries around the world.

The ministry started 27 years ago with Dennis Deneau, who was a part of the church for many years. The church was located at the corner of Highways 34 and 71 at the time. Since then, it has moved to a location in southwest Park Rapids.

At the old church, volunteers did printing and binding as well but much of that equipment went with Deneau to Michigan. He works for Bearing Precious Seed scripture ministry.

Deneau has since moved to Michigan and helps to ship palettes stacked high with scripture to First Baptist Church.

Now, volunteers at First Baptist collate, staple and trim the scripture. Deneau then comes back to pick up with completed books. Recently, 60,000 scriptures were dropped off at First Baptist Church.

"Then they're shipped out to different countries," said Jeanne Pritchard, a volunteer with the project. "We've sent them out to Russia, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Thailand."

The main scriptures printed are the King James Version of John and Romans.

"It comes in different languages depending on where it's supposed to go," said Joshua Hawn, First Baptist Church pastor.

The scriptures are also used for outreach.

"We love the work because we're able to get out God's words to those who might not otherwise hear about it," Pritchard said.

Other frequent volunteers are Donna Mugford, William and Lillian Ryther and Loraine Reese.

Mugford spends many days collating while her children are attending school at First Baptist.

Pritchard said it's a great project because anyone can do it.

"I hope it continues for many years," she said.

Hawn agrees.

"It's a good ministry that provides fellowship for people," he said. "And if we can reach someone with the gospel it's worth it."