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Street construction limits accessibility to St. Joseph's Emergency Department

City utility work and street improvements to the city's southwest residential area will limit access to the emergency ramp at St. Joseph's Area Health Services starting Monday.

Due to city utility upgrades and street improvement projects in Park Rapids' southwest residential area, access to St. Joseph's Area Health Services Emergency Department and emergency ramp will be limited.

Construction will start Monday and is expected to continue for the next four to six weeks.

As a result, regular traffic will be blocked on 6th, 7th and 8th Streets heading west to Pleasant Avenue. This will impact traffic to St. Joseph's coming from the west including St. Joseph's Emergency Department (ED).

The ED ramp will still be open for ambulance use.

Patients who need to be dropped off in the ED ambulance bay should watch for signage to ensure proper routing.

Patients, families and guests will have complete accessibility to St. Joseph's and Innovis Health from Pleasant Avenue and all connecting streets to the east. Patient and employee parking lots will remain fully accessible during this construction project.