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2010 New Year's resolutions include traditional, creative

While many people still vow to lose weight, quit smoking or get more organized, 2010 looks like it'll be the year to "quit making New Year's resolutions."

"You say you're gonna do this and you say you're gonna do that and you feel guilty when you don't," said Sue Kramer, as she helped her customers at Ben Franklin Monday.

When asked if she has a New Year's resolution this year, she answered "No. And that's part of my resolution."

Others said the new year just crept up way too quickly and there hasn't been enough time to even think about making a resolution.

As time continues to go by faster every year, Helen Peterson, 81, said she will "enjoy every day because life is great."

"At my age, you start thinking that way," she said.

A costumer at 3rd Street Market agreed with Helen as she helped him out from behind the counter.

"Enjoy every day to the fullest," said David Hough of Edina, a seasonal resident of Park Rapids.

As for 60-year-old Linda Olson of Nevis, doing more "crazy" things is her resolution this year.

In addition to calling her grandchildren every Sunday, she will try to ride her motorcycle more often and be more spontaneous.

While some people will enjoy living their lives more freely, Cathy Mitchell's new year's resolution is to appreciate the life of her new daughter.

She said she didn't know she was pregnant until her sixth month, which is why she plans to spend more time with her 2-month-old baby girl Cassie.

Tina Knapp will do the same thing. She's expecting a baby's arrival next year in June and she's planning on "spending every moment of my extra time just appreciating the little things."

This Sunday's sermon at Evergreen Church inspired Cindy Boettcher to make a resolution that's more attainable and to not aim too high so she doesn't get disappointed if she doesn't reach her goals.

"Love god with all my heart, soul and mind," she said. "And to concentrate on those areas."

Another more reasonable resolution comes from Bob Harmel who's tying to take it easy next year or "stifle the urge to be negative."

"I resolve not to complain or be grumpy," he said.

At Bella Caffé and 3rd Street Market, employees shared some words of wisdom.

"Never let past mistakes overshadow future plans," Lorri Lydell said.

"Don't take it personal," Carolyn Conklin said.

And of course owner of Bella Caffé Cathy Peterson vowed to make her New Year's resolution caffeine related.

"To end every meal with the perfect latte," she said.