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Heartland Trail to stop at Kaywood

The Heartland Trail extension starts from Summerfield Place Apartments, then south along Central Avenue, stopping at Kaywood. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

A Heartland Trail extension project in Park Rapids is nearly complete.

The extension heads east from the trail just north of Summerfield Place Apartments in Park Rapids and then south along Central Avenue. It stops at Kaywood Drive.

Eventually, the city has plans to continue extending the trail along Kaywood Drive and on Henrietta Avenue.

Earlier this year, the city decided to move forward with the project to take advantage of an 80 percent matching federal grant. However, the city had difficulty acquiring right-of-way along Kaywood.

The council then decided to reduce the project's scope and try to continue working on the project in 2011. Park Rapids had been approved for another federal trail grant in 2011 and the council wanted to pursue the possibility of using that money for the Kaywood project.