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Learn to manage personal finances

Naemi Huhta of Menahga said at her old age, she should know about managing money, but she doesn't.

Which is why she took the Financial Peace University class offered by the Horizons group in Sebeka.

The same class is now offered in Menahga with a scholarship that offsets 50 percent of the cost of materials.

The class will provide information on managing personal finances and defeating debt. It's free but the materials cost $100 per student or for each couple who plans to share materials.

With a scholarship that is awarded to everyone who applies, according to Horizons members, the cost will be $50.

Steve Huhta who facilitated the class in Sebeka, will be doing the same at the Menahga School media center.

"Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck, that's the reality," he said.

He will provide the information through DVDs by Dave Ramsey. The weekly course is tentatively scheduled to begin Sunday, Sept. 13 and last for 13 weeks.

The first half of the class will be dedicated to watching the DVDs and the second will be for discussion and recap.

Students will have homework assignments and study materials to practice managing their finances at home.

Topics of discussion will range from budgeting, cash flow and saving money to dumping debt, understanding investments and finding the best bargains.

"I think it would be wonderful to introduce this course to young folks," said Bernice Ollanketo who took the class in Sebeka.

Once students take the class and pay for the materials the first time, they become lifetime members - they can take the class as many times as they want for free.

Those interested in participating can sign up and apply for the scholarship by Sunday, Sept. 6.

For more information, call Steve Huhta at 218-837-6324.