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State Patrol conducts crackdown on speeders

Minnesota State Patrol troopers have completed the Safe & Sober enhanced speed enforcement patrols that were conducted throughout July.

Troopers again joined forces with deputies and local officers on this specially funded crackdown on speeders.

Troopers from the Brainerd District of the Minnesota State Patrol alone stopped over 162 vehicles. Troopers also wrote over 67 citations, over 131 warnings.

Other than speeding, violations included equipment, seat belt, driving after suspension/revocation and other miscellaneous activity, all within 56 assigned work hours.

"Speed is the most commonly reported contributing factor in fatal crashes and yet too many people are not thinking about the fact that they can get in a crash," says State Patrol Lt. Amy Stanfield.

"When speed increases, so does the chance for violent a crash, and unfortunately, right now our fatalities are up a bit from last year." Lt. Stanfield said, "We knew it was coming, and now it's here, and we are in the middle of it- the deadliest time on Minnesota roads".

The Minnesota State Patrol reminds motorists that speeding fines are doubled if a motorist is caught speeding 20 mph or more over the limit, and drivers traveling at speeds of 100 mph or more are subject to a six-month license revocation.

Safe & Sober is coordinated by the Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety and is a component of the state's Toward Zero Death initiative (TZD).