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Nevis offers a rollicking game of frolf on Deer Lake course

Workers, from left, Russ Holmin, Don Umthun and Paul Schroeder completed the course this week. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)1 / 2
Move over Pebble Beach; Nevis' new frolf course is ready for players.2 / 2

Frolf, anyone?

Nevis' Deer Lake park is now the site of a "premier" Frisbee golf course, a game in which individual players throw a flying disk into a basket or target.

The disks are shaped like a Frisbee, but heavier, smaller and firmer than the original design. Like golf clubs, some are designed for long distance, others for putting and approach shots.

The object of the game, like golf, is to traverse the five-hole course with the fewest number of throws.

Nevis mayor Dave McCurnin suggested the game for the under-utilized park to Paul Schroeder who presented the idea to the Nevis C&C. The organization agreed to donate approximately $1,500 toward the purchase of the baskets.

Northwind Grocery will be stocking the discs, McCurnin said, and Muskie Waters is planning to have them for sale or rent.

Wednesday, work was underway to complete the course.

Frolf enthusiast John Linkowitz of Nevis assisted in the design. "Up until now, he's had to go to Detroit Lakes or Bemidji to play," McCurnin said.

Linkowitz promises a challenging game on the par 15 course.

Disc golf is inexpensive and the course is physically accessible for all ages and athletic abilities, McCurnin said.

Instructions are posted for those new to the sport. If successful, two more targets will be added, he said.

The course is located approximately seven blocks west on Main or Pleasant, between Western and 7th Avenue.

Let the games begin!