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Nevis liquor store profits up in May, but year-to-date numbers dwindle

Nevis liquor store profits were in positive territory in May, $5,527, but the net income from January through May is reported to be $2,674.

In April, the liquor store reported a net income of a $9,747, bringing the year-to-date total to $5,442. But May's income is not reflected in the "profit and loss year to date comparison."

The council did not discuss the figures but clerk-treasurer Carol Fridgen attributed the amounts to "expenses" at the liquor store.

The year-to-date net income of $2,674 in May compares with $17,480 for the same period last year.

In an effort to bump profits, the council agreed to extend sales into the parking lot in July and August, with the stipulation the city's insurance carrier is notified of the days when this will occur.