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Local Parks Board seeks members

Northwoods Landscape and Recreation and Park Rapids Public Works employees set up playground equipment at Olson Ball Fields Monday afternoon. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

The Park Rapids Parks Board is looking for members.

Sue Cutler, chair of the Park Rapids Parks Board, presented a 2009 annual report to the city council last week. She said there are three people on the board and the board can have up to seven people.

Anyone interested in joining the parks board can contact Cutler at 652-4833. There is no city limit requirement, she said.

Over the last year, the parks board worked on several projects.

-The board looked into repairing the echo ring at Deane Park. A concrete company said a repair likely wouldn't hold up and recommended replacing the ring. An estimate to replace was about $2,850, Cutler said.

"We decided the purpose of trying to maintain it is to preserve its historic value," she said.

So the board decided to leave the echo ring as is for now. It still echoes, she said.

-The group also looked into getting playground equipment for Olson Ball Fields. The cost was about $10,780.

The equipment was put up at the field Monday and Tuesday of this week.

-Rotaract donated $3,000 for unrestricted use for city park improvements. The board will look into ways to utilize the funds.

-The parks board had reports of vandalism in some of the city's parks.

"There have been ongoing issues, as always, with vandalism," Cutler said.

Benches newly purchased for Depot Park a couple years ago were damaged. The seating area of the bench was bent in the middle, possibly from someone standing and jumping on it. Some were repaired, she said.

"I think it's just a signal to, in the future, order sturdier equipment," Cutler said.

Another vandalism instance was at Rice Park. A small shelter there had a support pole on the corner set on fire. Another pole was sawed through, she said.

-The park board wants to implement a Partnership for Parks program to enlist organizations to pair up with a youth group and adopt a park.