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Nevis council approves $17,000 in severance pay

The Nevis Council accepted the resignation of liquor store manager Kathy Plumley, approving a severance package of nearly $17,000.

The amount, based on Plumley's salary of $17.44 per hour, includes 123 hours vacation time remaining from last year, 145 pro-rated vacation days for 2009 and 700 hours of sick leave.

The liquor store's year-to-date net profit totaled $5,442 at the end of April. (Figures were not available through May.)

The council did not address the financial implications.

Plumley's resignation is effective June 8.

Council member Cammy Johnson will serve as liquor store supervisor, with a .125 percent increase in her wage during the period.

The council agreed to advertise for a replacement with a salary range of $30,000 to $35,000 with a June 12 deadline for applications.

Council member Paul Schroeder thanked Plumley for her 23 years of service at the liquor store. "We wish her the best."

Mayor Dave McCurnin noted she's served as manager through "a third of the life of the muni."