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Centenarian quilter needs only 'a table to lean on'

Emma Jorgenson celebrated her 100th birthday by quilting at Calvary Lutheran Church in Park Rapids. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

Emma Jorgenson turned 100 years "young" on Sunday and continues to stay active.

The Park Rapids woman continues to quilt at Calvary Lutheran Church twice a month and "ties a mean knot," according to the ladies at the church.

The quilting group had a surprise luncheon for Emma on Monday, taking time to remember good times they've had with their friend.

"She is an inspiration to us all," her fellow quilters chimed in.

The 100-year-old continues to stand the entire time she quilts. She said she doesn't get tired.

"All I need is a table to lean on," Emma said.

She has been quilting since she was a kid, her mother teaching her and her sister, Anna. When Emma moved to Park Rapids just over 10 years ago, she and her sister began quilting at Calvary Lutheran Church.

They both hoped to reach 100 years but her sister passed away at 99, just shy of her 100th birthday, Emma said.

Others in her family have lived to be in their 90s as well. The long life must be genetic, she said.

Emma hopes to continue quilting, although she says she's "slow as molasses."