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Nevis liquor back in the black

The Nevis Liquor Store has moved out of negative earnings territory, reporting a net income of $9,747 in April.

The liquor store reported a deficit income of $8,786 in March and year-to-date earnings of minus $4,303 (compared with $1,182 last year.)

The year-to-date net income of $5,443 in April compares with a negative income of $246 for the same period last year, when the building was undergoing upgrades.

Clerk treasurer Carol Fridgen said the amount of purchases is largely the factor in the diverse net profits.

In March, the total cost of goods sold was $18,513, compared with $7,311 in April.

In related action, the council accepted the resignation of bartender Barb Hanson, effective May 6, and agreed to advertise the position.

Last month, council member Heidi Schmeichel resigned as liquor commissioner, in response to remarks made to her mother, Hanson.

In conjunction with summer events, including the Sunday, July 5 pig races, the council approved opening the liquor store on Sunday throughout July.

The council also discussed extending the liquor store to Muskie Park during the pig races.

In other action, the council:

-Tabled action on an ATV ordinance addressing travel in the city limits.

-Approved 3 percent pay increases for city employees other than department heads.

-Tabled any action on a complaint regarding cats roving in the city.

-Tabled action on the purchase of signs for the recently designated Halvorson Park.

-Will look into screens for the kitchen area at Muskie Park at the request of members of the Uffa Days committee.

-Reported work is progressing on the Frisbee course at Deer Park.