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Hubbard County traffic stop leads to arrest, one pound of meth

An early morning traffic stop in Hubbard County on June 8 led to deputies locating one pound of methamphetamine in the trunk of a vehicle.

     Sean William Curtis, 46, of Bemidji, faces three felony controlled substance charges in Hubbard County District Court.

     According to court documents, just before 1 a.m. on June 8 a Hubbard County deputy patrolling Highway 200 in Hendrickson Township pulled a vehicle over for driving 74 mph in a 55 mph zone.

     The driver of the vehicle first provided the deputy with an incorrect name and said he borrowed the vehicle, the criminal complaint states. In speaking with the passenger of the vehicle the deputy observed a cap for a hypodermic needle on the floor.

     Dispatch informed the deputy the vehicle was registered to Sean William Curtis and his driving privileges were suspended.

     According to the criminal complaint, Curtis admitted to the deputy methamphetamine and a needle were in the rear passenger seat underneath the fabric in a baby seat.

     A K-9 unit walked around the vehicle and alerted on both the baby seat and trunk area. The meth under the baby seat weighed over 1 gram.

     The vehicle was towed and deputies did an inventory search of the vehicle where they located in the trunk a bag containing a “large quantity of crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine,” the complaint states.

     The deputy later weighed the meth which totaled 1 pound from the trunk and 1.6 grams from the baby seat.

     Curtis is charged with first degree felony sale/possession and first degree controlled substance possession, along with a fifth degree controlled substance crime. He is also charged with giving a peace officer a false name, which is a gross misdemeanor.

     The first degree charges each are punishable by a maximum 30 years or $1,000,000 fine. The fifth degree charge is punishable by five years or $10,000 fine.