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Hubbard County court report

The following information contains felony charges from complaints filed recently in Hubbard County District Court.

Drug possession

Jason Duane Lampl, 26, Park Rapids was arrested May 31 and charged with 5th degree drug possession. According to court documents, Lampl was pulled over by Park Rapids police for driving with a revoked license and an active felony warrant.

Officers observed drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the passenger’s compartment of the vehicle. Officers searched the compartment and located what was described in the criminal complaint as a smoking device in the center console with residue that tested positive for methamphetamine.

The felony drug charge is punishable by minimum six months, maximum 10 years, and maximum $20,000 fine.

A check of Lampl’s criminal history reveals a 5th degree controlled substance conviction in 2008.


Lucas Dale Pike, 36, of Menahga was charged with felony theft indifferent to owner rights for stealing a rotor tiller, according to court documents.

Officers investigated a complaint of a stolen rotor tiller valued at $3,200 stored at a local construction site in Hubbard County owned by Lynette and Donovan Guida.

According to court documents, Pike purchased a boiler at an auction and is accused of also taking the tiller without purchasing it.

The investigating officer learned the tiller had been located at a scrap yard. He spoke to Pike who claimed his taking the tiller was a "misunderstanding."

Pike allegedly agreed to meet with the officer to further discuss the matter on March 30 but did not call or show up to speak with the officer, according to the court documents.

The felony theft charge is punishable by a maximum five years and $10,000 fine.

Theft by swindle

Dale Ray Tyge, 61, of Detroit Lakes is charged with two felony counts of theft by swindle and financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

According to court documents, on November 30 Hubbard County investigators learned Hubbard County Social Services received a report from the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center that an elderly female may be the victim of financial exploitation.

A Northview Bank employee stated the 81-year-old victim had been frugal with her money but dating from late 2013 to the present, thousands of dollars in checks were written to Tyge.

Bank staff who have worked with the alleged victim stated they have noticed an increase in confusion regarding the victim’s mental status and memory.

The investigating officer obtained an administrative subpoena for bank records from 2013 to 2015 which indicated $106,527 in checks written to Tyge during that time.

The complaint states Tyge cashed 27 checks with some as high as $8,400.

The investigator met with the victim’s family members and friends who stated the victim is a "very trusting and good person, with declining health and mental ability."

A daughter-in-law stated the money Tyge received was from a trust.

When interviewed, the victim stated she guessed Tyge cut down 20-30 trees. The investigator stated in the complaint Tyge had charged her to remove 78 trees.

Hubbard County Forestry found none of the trees on the property or removed were deceased or in danger of being deceased. The forestry officials found a large brush pile down out of the victim’s sight line in the residence.

The two felony counts are punishable by 20 years or $100,000.

Driving while under the influence

Luis Arellano Ocampo, 32, of Park Rapids is charged with two felony counts of driving while under the influence following his arrest on May 22.

Law enforcement responded to a call regarding a possible assault at the Red Bridge Inn in Park Rapids. The suspect was identified by two women as Ocampo who had left the location when officers arrived.

He was located by officers driving around Heartland Park at about 3:30 a.m. on May 22. Ocampo allegedly parked the vehicle when he saw officers and began walking toward the exit of the park, according to court documents.

When stopped for questioning by officers, Ocampo showed signs of alcohol use. The results of a breath test were a blood alcohol content of .15.

A check of Ocampo’s identification showed his driving privilages were revoked and records showed three prior DWI’s in 2006, 2008 and 2012.

The felony charges are punishable by seven years and $14,000 fine.