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Hubbard County incidents

Miscellaneous: May 2:

A Park Rapids caller would like an officer to check out something inside their bathroom that looks suspicious; A Park Rapids call reported that it appears someone has been in their garbage area, requesting extra patrol during the night; Trespassing was reported on Highway 71; Trespassing was reported on Frost Bite Road near Akeley, viewed via trail camera;  Harassment via phone text was reported in Park Rapids; A driver was reported weaving over center lines in Park Rapids; Officer assistance was requested for people who would not leave a beach on CSAH 33; A broken window was reported at the Akeley Regional Community Center; A Park Rapids caller requested an officer for a missing car-towing trailer, there is an unoccupied red vehicle in his yard; A male was reported acting strangely in Park Rapids;

May 3: A trespasser on a four-wheeler was reported on 374th Street;

May 4: A stolen vehicle was recovered on Highway 71; Fraud was reported in Park Rapids; Tennis equipment was found in the park in Park Rapids; A school bus stop arm violation was reported in Park Rapids, kids were on the ground; A Park Rapids caller reported banging on the door, a man swinging a chain; A Park Rapids caller reported a man on the roof of Amish Oak; Loud music was reported in Park Rapids; A Cass Lake caller reported a son who’s out of control; Motorcycles were reported driving at high rates of speed in Nevis; A Cass Lake caller requested officer assistance in removing her son from the residence; A disturbance was reported on Henrietta Avenue, Park Rapids; A caller on Deer Valley Road reported someone rang the doorbell late at night, requesting an officer check the area; A caller on Highway 71 reported someone on a bicycle trespassed on his property;

Animal related: May 2:  A horse was on Highway 34 near Park Rapids;

May 4: A horse was on Highway 200 at Old Cemetery Road near Laporte; A caller on 257th Avenue, Laporte, reported a missing horse;

Burglaries, thefts: May 2: Theft of a radio box and extension cord was reported in Park Rapids; A shoplifter was reported in Park Rapids; Fraudulent use of a credit card was reported in Park Rapids; Two fraudulent cashiers’ checks were received on CSAH 36, Laporte;

May 4: A Park Rapids caller reported mail opened, contents are missing; A vehicle was broken into, contents taken in Park Rapids; A bike was reported stolen in Park Rapids; Shoplifting was reported in Park Rapids; Theft from a bank account was reported in Nevis; Theft of a Social Security debit card was reported in Nevis; A possible cabin break-in was reported on Highway 71; Theft of a trailer was reported in Farden Township;

Fire: May 2: A fire was reported between Citizens Bank and the library in Park Rapids; A fire was reported on Fair Oaks Drive, Nevis;

May 3: A fire in the woods was reported off CSAH 39 on Parkway Forest Road; A fire was reported in the neighbor’s grass on North Street in Park Rapids.