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A wily worm leaves a friendly message

A wood-boring insect left a message for Jeff Hess and wife Arlys (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

A wood-boring insect left a message for Jeff Hess, above, and wife Arlys. The couple was splitting wood on their property near the Paul Bunyan State Forest when they discovered the “miraculous message” from a worm - “HI.” Department of Natural Resources Forestry supervisor Mark Carlstrom forwarded the photo off to DNR insect specialist Jana Albers who said her “best bet” was that an ambrosia beetle penned the greeting in the aspen. “They form the type and size of gallery that are illustrated in the HI photos,” she said, noting a co-worker was impressed by the “positive message.”  Hess views it as splendid serendipity. “If God can take a random tree in a random forest and it’s split open to find a message, is there anything too hard for God to do?” Hess posits.