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North Main up next for street rehab

By Anna Erickson

North Main Avenue is the next street up for rehabilitation in Park Rapids.

The area has been identified in the city’s Capital Improvement Plan and improvements are scheduled for 2015.

City engineer Jon Olson presented a preliminary engineering report for the project to the Park Rapids City Council last week.

The project includes North Main Avenue between Highway 34 and Highway 71, which is eight blocks.

In his presentation, Olson said the street and sidewalk were constructed in the late 1970s. The street is 54-feet-wide with curb and gutter on both sides. A 5-foot sidewalk is on both sides of the street from Highway 34 to Monico.

The road is extra wide, Olson said. Most city streets are between 36 and 44 feet wide.

The driving surface is in need of improvement, Olson determined. It has frequent cracking, which is minor to moderate in severity. The cracking allows water intrusion, which accelerates the pavement deterioration.

The curb and gutter is in very good condition and Olson said it likely has another 20 years or more of life. The sidewalk is in fairly good condition but some of it could be replaced.

Properties along Main have sanitary service from the back alleys. There are three trunk line crossings for sanitary sewer under Main that are in poor condition and require frequent maintenance. Olson is recommending those lines be replaced.

Water mains are also near or at the end of their anticipated useful life, Olson said.

The storm sewer system was likely installed with the street improvements in the late 1970s. It was made with reinforced concrete pipe and is in good condition with remaining service life, Olson said.

Several improvement options are available for Main – crack filling and seal coating, mill and overlay, full depth reclamation or full reconstruction.

Olson recommended either mill and overlay or full depth reclamation.

Mill and overlay includes milling the top layer of bituminous and installing a new layer. This typically extends a pavement life from between 7 and 12 years or as much as 15. Existing cracks would reflect through the pavement.

With the mill and overlay option, underground utility considerations include replacing the sanitary sewer crossings. The water main would not be replaced with this option.

Full depth reclamation includes recycling the existing bituminous in place into a Class 5 material. The excess recycled material would be hauled out and two new layers of bituminous would be added. The new pavement surface would have an anticipated service life beyond 20 years.

With the full depth reclamation, underground utility considerations include replacing both the water main and sanitary sewer. Water services would be replaced by directional drilling to preserve the curb. Small portions of sidewalk replacement would be required as well.

The council approved moving forward with the mill and overlay option.

That option “kind of puts everything on the same schedule,” councilman Paul Utke said.

The cost sharing based on the city’s assessment policy means 60 percent of the street rehab is assessable for a standard size street. Because the street is larger, oversize costs are city share.

Sanitary sewer is 100 percent assessable for standard size. Trunk line and/or over sizing expenses are city share.

The water main repairs are 100 percent city share because they are maintenance rather than new construction. Water and sewer services are 100 percent assessable.

The total project cost estimate is $590,000. Estimated preliminary assessments are $2,550 for an average 100 foot lot and $3,250 for an average 100 foot commercial lot.

Olson is recommending the city bid the project with the Riverside project, which is also slated for 2015.

A tentative project schedule includes a public hearing Sept. 23, with plans ready for bidding by the end of 2014 and construction in July and August of 2015.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561