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City tree inspections to begin in August

     City forester Stephanie Paulson is starting her bi-yearly inspection of trees visible from the right of way.

     She will be looking for dead and diseased trees that need to be removed. Stressed and near dead trees will also be inspected.

     When diseased or stressed trees are found a list will be compiled so that the current owner can be determined.

     If the diseased or stressed tree is on the boulevard, the city forester will inspect the tree immediately to determine its status.

     For all other trees, once ownership has been determined, Paulson will contact the owner to get a signed waiver allowing her to enter the property and check the tree for prevalent diseases.

     If the owner cannot be contacted, the “plain view” clause will be used to enter the property and inspect the tree. When the condition of the tree has been determined by the city forester, it will be marked with bright paint if it is overly stressed, diseased or is determined to be a safety hazard.

     Paulson will then take the compiled list of trees and determine a course of action for each tree and contact the property owner about the decision.

     Property owners will be given information telling them how to remedy the situation and given a timeline.

     If the tree is on the boulevard, the city will split the cost of the tree and stump removal with the property owner within the timeframe.

     If the property owner does not remove or repair the tree in the allotted time, a second attempt to contact them will be made.

     The city can have a licensed and bonded tree removal company remove the tree if the property owner doesn’t comply. At that point, the bill and an administrative fee will be assessed on the property tax of that parcel.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561