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Old Red Bridge placed and ready for landscaping in Red Bridge Park

Red Bridge (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)1 / 2
The old Red Bridge is to the left of the new Rust Bridge. (Anna Erickson / Photos)2 / 2

By Anna Erickson

The old Red Bridge has been moved to the east side of the park onto cement at its permanent location.

It is sitting in a spot that still allows for a photo backdrop and reflects off Fish Hook River.

A landscaper will be coming in to work on the park. The next step is paving of the trail, parking and road but before that can be done the city needs approval from the state.

“We hit a bureaucratic snag with the grant funding from the state,” said city councilman Dave Konshok.

The goal is to have work completed in the park by the 4th of July but at this point it’s up to the state’s approval.

The city can’t simply move ahead with the paving because the state wouldn’t give reimbursement without prior approval.

The new bridge is complete with the exception of extra rocks under the bridge that have caused trouble for boaters.

The city will be talking with the Department of Natural Resources, which is the agency that was in charge of the project, in hopes of fixing the rock situation.

Boaters should be cautious when traveling near the new bridge over Fish Hook River for now.

At a previous council meeting, Konshok said the area needs to at the least be marked for boaters.

After paving, the city will incorporate other amenities to Red Bridge Park including benches, light poles and picnic tables.

The Red Bridge replacement project is part of a larger Heartland Trail master plan. It reroutes the current trail, which goes across the trestle bridge to Highway 34. The trestle bridge is in poor condition and is posted now for a maximum of 1,500 pounds. The DNR will remove the trestle bridge as part of the project. It will not be replaced.

The trestle bridge will be removed after the Red Bridge replacement project is completed, DNR officials said previously. The exact date is unknown.

The project will align with the Heartland Trail master plan, which shows the trail heading west through Red Bridge Park and along Beach Road with the final destination being Moorhead.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
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