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Met on Main Street: Darla Sams

A combination of sickness and poor weather culminated to force last week’s column to ultimately be scrapped. But this week, from the get-go I could see things would be different.

I met Darla Sams walking north on Main Street, just outside of the MinneSoda Fountain. Although not an overly busy day by any means, the weather was a warm 50 degrees, making the time spent walking around seem less like a task, and more like a blessing.

From Redwood Falls (Morgan, technically), she and her husband Brian own a cabin on the north end of Leech Lake.

Only passing through town after checking in on it, it was the first time she had been on Main Street in “probably 10 years.” The sight of Fuller’s Pawn had caught her husband’s eye, but not hers – which is what sent her walking alone towards me on this day.

She thought Park Rapids had a neat downtown area, although she had no particular shop in mind to recall as a favorite. While briefly reminiscing about taking time to pack a picnic with Brian in Heartland Park, she said they both have always enojyed the area.

They both also enjoy fishing, camping and hunting as well.

She was only looking around. She wasn’t staying but 15 minutes longer and didn’t mention any definitive plans for a return date.

Maybe they would be back again real soon, and maybe I’d even see her walk by on some other interview.

Or maybe it would take me another decade to have the same interview, at that same spot. At this point, I don’t really know, so I won’t pretend to say. All I can do is wait and see.

Until next time, have a great week. Maybe soon it’s you I will meet!

Nick Longworth
A graduate from St. Cloud State University, Nick photographs and writes a variety of stories for nearly every section of The Park Rapids Enterprise. His duties also include section layouts and online content submission.
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