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Sheriff Aukes to file for second term

Cory Aukes announces his intent to file for a second term as Hubbard County Sheriff.

Aukes, a 24-year veteran with the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office was elected to his first term in 2010. A firm believer in accountability, Aukes is proud to say that holding staff to this higher standard has brought a higher level of law enforcement to Hubbard County. The commitment made towards fighting drugs in his initial campaign has led to an unprecedented number of investigations, arrests, and convictions of drug dealers in Hubbard County. As Sheriff, he will see that this continues.

Aukes has secured nearly $1 million in grant money for the sheriff’s office, which has greatly reduced the financial burden to the taxpayer. He has made the jail a priority by nearly quadrupling the amount of its revenue since taking over as Sheriff. He will continue to work with the County Board to utilize the jail in a manner that it was intended and to make it as cost effective as possible.

Aukes currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association, is chairman of the board for the Headwaters Intervention Center (HIC), serves on the Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force Board, and is on the Hubbard in Prevention (HIP) coalition.

He thanks all of those that supported him four years ago and for their continued support today. He takes pride in the department and in what the sheriff’s office has evolved into. Aukes said his efforts are a reflection on his dedication to public safety in Hubbard County.