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Variance request for deer farm approved

On Tuesday, April 28 at 6 p.m. the Hubbard County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment approved one variance application, while tabling two others for further discussion.

With all members of the board present, discussion began by approving past meeting minutes and the current agenda for the meeting at hand.

Discussion began by reviewing the Section 401, Shoreland Management Ordinance Amendment’s proposed language for an event center/assembly hall’s conditional use on recreational development lots. Concerns were raised about possible noise levels and late-night activity in the event center.

No official decision was made on the proposed amendment, tabling the decision for further discussion on the matter.

A Variance Application by Larry and Kathy Grell was then heard by the board. Requesting a variance from Section 906 of the Shoreland Management Ordinance that requires pasture areas to be set back at least 500 feet from the ordinary high water mark and at least five acres in size, the Grell’s proposal was unanimously approved. The Grell’s expressed interest in starting a deer farm on the property as a result of the approval.

A Variance Application on behalf of the Jackson Family Limited Partnership was then heard. Representing the Jackson Family, Gene Jackson requested an “after-the-fact variance” to allow an accessory to remain located at less than the 100 foot ordinary high-water mark setback and have a deck on its roof, and to allow a lakeside deck attached to the residential structure to be located at less than the 30 feet minimum ordinary high water mark setback that also exceeds 15 percent of the existing structures ordinary high water mark setback maximum encroachment distance. The application was ultimately tabled for further discussion in order to show how the deck could be brought back 50 feet, or as far as possible.

In the last official order of business for the meeting, the board heard the proposal of a Variance Application by Wayne Eimers and Katy Grisamore to construct a new residence and lakeside deck at less than the required 100 foot ordinary high water mark setback. After discussion, the variation was ultimately tabled for further discussion in order to amend to the proposal to be beyond the shoreline’s first 50 feet.

Nick Longworth
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