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Nevis School approves community bleacher use

By Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise

Nevis pig race spectators will be seated on the Nevis school district’s bleachers, the board determined Monday, agreeing to draft a lease agreement with the Nevis Chamber.

     A school policy change restricting the use of equipment by outside parties led to a challenge for pig race organizer Dave McCurnin.

     Rented, large bleachers are positioned on the street. The bleachers on the sidewalks came from the school. “I can’t find a place to rent smaller bleachers,” McCurnin told the board. “If we are to continue in that location we will need smaller bleachers.”

     “We don’t have a need for the bleachers anymore,” board chair Ed Becker conceded, with the exception of baseball in the fall. “We have extras not being used.” The bleachers had been loaned to the C&C until the policy change.

     In a memorandum to the board, McCurnin offered options of the C&C purchasing the bleachers “for a nominal fee.” The school would then store the bleachers and use them free of charge.

     Or the Chamber would make a donation to the Lindow Scholarship Fund in exchange for the bleacher use. “This would be over and above the $700 raised for the Lindow Scholarship Fund during each of the last two pig races,” McCurnin said.

     Superintendent Steve Rassier suggested consulting with an attorney if the board decided to sell the bleachers, noting the district would be required to advertise for quotes. “We must follow guidelines for the sale of obsolete items,” he said. “Or we can lease them.”

     Board member Andy Lindow questioned the benefit of leasing.

     “To avoid entanglement,” Rassier said. “The Chamber can use them when needed.”

     By a unanimous decision, the board agreed to lease the bleachers to the Chamber for the pig races and Muskie Days.

     McCurnin asked for use of 10 to 12 of the school’s 20 bleachers.