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Longtime county auditor-treasurer leaving in June

Pam Heeran will continue to serve until June 30.

By Sarah Smith

Hubbard County auditor-treasurer Pam Heeren submitted her resignation Monday morning after four decades of work.

She will serve until the end of her current appointment, which runs until June 30.

Heeren was hired Nov. 21, 1973. She first ran for auditor in November 1994. In 2003 that became an appointed position and she has been appointed since by the Hubbard County Board.

She added the auditor’s duties in January 2004. She is also the supervisor of the License Bureau.

Heeren has been instrumental with the board on holding a tight financial line, especially through the recent recession. Hubbard County is one of the state’s counties that is in good financial shape.

The county recently paid down $2 million from savings on construction to the county courthouse.

She has overseen computerization of her office and big changes in election laws, both statewide and coming from the federal government.

She said she wants to spend more time with her one-year-old grandson, and said that her husband suggested she work on her golf game.

“I might even attempt to learn how to cook after all these years,” she joked.  “That one seems to still be in the discussion stages.”

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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