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Annexation proceeds; 2017 target date

Park Rapids' annexation schedule, by parcel

By Anna Erickson

The Park Rapids City Council approved amendments to the Henrietta Township/Park Rapids Orderly Annexation Agreement.

The council and board members met in 2013 regarding possible amendments and has continued working together to try to identify the parcels that are the most likely to be developed over the short term. The time frame includes some parcels on a schedule to be annexed in 2017. The remainder of the parcels would be returned to the township and the zoning control for those parcels and the maintenance of those roads would be reverted back to the township.

The agreement was originally passed in 2006 when growth was quick and shortly after a recession began, which reduced the need for annexation.

The proposed amendments include having the city retain three parcels on the east side of Henrietta Avenue North for annexation in 2017. The city would retain zoning control of those parcels. Those are the only parcels that would likely be developed in that area, the township said.

The city would also retain six parcels along Henrietta Avenue south. City services are located close to the parcels, which would more than likely require city water and sewer if developed for commercial purposes.

The city would retain four parcels abutting Highway 34 just east of town.

Other parcels further out from the current city limits would revert back to the township.

Henrietta Township had its annual membership meeting March 11 and the full membership directed the township board to approve a resolution in support of the proposed amendments.

All of the parcels shown in a cross hatch of the map would be excluded from the agreement and returned to the township.

The township has proposed to accept all expenses related to the preparation, recording and filing of any amendments.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561