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Beehive: Honey prices are on the rise with SW drought

By Brett Kent /For the Enterprise

Welcome back to the Beehive.

We finally had a few nice days of weather last week, and boy did my bees appreciate that. The bees flew out of the hive boxes, taking care of their cleansing flights, (going to the bathroom).

It was nice to see the bees were still kicking. This has been a very tough winter for them, and us, all of us.

I’ve been in contact with my commercial beekeeper buddy, Jerel Johnson, from the Clearbrook Honey Farm. Jerel and I were talking about the drought conditions in California.

It turns out, that the weather in California has far reaching effects, even in the bee world. Jerel was saying that there is less demand for bees to pollinate the almond crops because a lot of the almond farmers have pulled up the almond trees.

The long-range weather forecast for California is calling for drier than normal rainfall amounts for several years. The state of California has restricted water use, even for ag use.

That being said, Jerel’s boys shipped 6 semi loads of bees to the remaining almond orchards. Jerel also mentioned that honey production in the United State was down about 33 percent in 2013. That is a pretty dramatic decline.

Honey prices are on the rise.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that Brenda and I will be at the Energy and Wellness expo at the Century School in Park Rapids, on March 8.

We will be selling our honey products, and I will be doing a little presentation called “An introduction to the world of honeybees.”

I will be talking about what is going on inside the beehive. I will also have a demo describing some of the common beekeeping equipment. So come on out and see us, and say hi. Until then, you folks take care.