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HIP Spotlight: Lindsey Nicklason

Lindsay Nicklason

Hubbard in Prevention (HIP) Coalition has a goal: To reduce underage alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through prevention. The coalition believes Hubbard County can accomplish this goal because there are a growing number of dedicated community members and students that are part of the effort. Each month, HIP will be recognizing its members and supporters. This month please meet HIP Coalition member, Lindsey Nicklason.

Q: Why do you feel passionate about the youth in our community?

Lindsey: I see a need for community improvements for our youth. I actually think many things have improved even since I was in school ten years ago, but there’s room for improvement in some areas … including alcohol prevention. Being a young mom in our community, I want to bring fresh views and help our county with new focus and strategies which could impact my children’s lives 10+ years from now when they are in high school.

Q: In your own words, what is “Hubbard in Prevention”?

Lindsey: HIP uses a really comprehensive approach to create new strategies to address underage alcohol and drug use in Hubbard County.

Q: In your own words, explain Positive Community Norms (PCN) and how it will make an impact in our community?

Lindsey: Positive Community Norms is a truly amazing framework designed to impact communities in an entirely different way than previously used tactics. Scare tactics are powerful, yes, but positive messages stay with each of us much longer than negative messages. PCN uses inspirational guidelines along with concrete facts and statistics to address issues Hubbard County’s youth face.

Q: If underage drinking is reduced in our county, how can/will that affect our community now and in the future?

Lindsey: We do indeed plan to reduce underage drinking and it will impact our county now and in the future in many ways. With a strong framework, we could be seeing youth 10 to 20 years from now using PCN tactics in their daily life. Wouldn’t that be AMAZING!!??

Q: How and why would you encourage other people in the community to support the efforts of the Hubbard in Prevention Coalition?

Lindsey: Our youth need us all to be part of their lives. They want boundaries. They want success. They don’t want to deal with alcohol and drug use in their daily lives. They need us to be part of this coalition in whatever way we can manage, whether that is by volunteering to be part of the committee, part of events, or just supporting the entire message of the coalition in daily communications with community members. Please do your part to support Hubbard County youth!

The Hubbard in Prevention (HIP) Coalition is funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division in partnership with St. Joseph’s Area Health Services. If you would like to find out more about the Coalition or perhaps become a member, please contact Beth Heltunen by calling 255-3692, or visit the website at www.hub