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Pipeline taxes have been $12 million

Pipeline tax revenue has put $12 million into Hubbard County coffers in the last decade.

And Enbridge Energy has accounted for $2.2 million of that sum, $3 million if you add the tax revenues from a separate Enbridge entity called Southern Lights.

That’s according to general tax figures from the Hubbard County Assessor’s Office. They are not broken down into taxing entities, such as townships or school districts.

The accompanying graph supports Enbridge’s claim of taxes paid and revenues expected from the proposed Sandpiper Pipeline project, if it becomes a reality.

Taxes paid are recorded in the year following the year tax statements went out. Just as all citizens are now working on their 2013 taxes, the assessors’ office will have recorded their payment in 2014.

Enbridge Pipeline revenues have steadily climbed in the past decade. From $522,522 in 2005 (for 2004 taxes) to $2.595 million in 2010, when a second pipeline went online the previous year, to $2.18 million anticipated this year.

If the Sandpiper line, built to haul crude oil from the Bakken shale formation in western North Dakota, goes into effect as planned, the company estimates paying $3 million in general taxes by then, spokesperson Lorraine Little told a public hearing last week.

Southern Lights has paid $787,660 in taxes to Hubbard County for a line in the northeast corner of the county, spokesperson Christine Davis indicated.

Assessor Robert Hansen said he couldn’t say off the top of his head if pipelines are among the leading taxpayers in the county, “but they would be in the top echelon.”

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