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Akeley Council struggles to trim shoestring budget; taxes will go down

BY Sarah smith

The Akeley City Council dug deep into the couch cushions to balance its 2014 budget last week.

Nickels and dimes fell off the $207,000 levy to a final number of $188,995.

“Unless something crazy happens, people should see lower taxes,” said clerk-treasurer Sebrina Hegg.

Akeley had a delicate balancing act this year, Hegg said, because the town’s overall taxable market value dipped 13 percent.

The levy, initially decreased 7 percent, went down to an 18 percent decrease when it was all said and done.

City leaders paid off a bond of $11,500 and transferred more money from the park system to offset the levy, Hegg said.

In other business, the city dug under Highway 34 downtown and discovered a leak that was saturating the ground under the highway.

The owner of Abigail’s Antiques & Gifts complained in November that her business had chronic water leakage and seepage since road and sewer work was performed two years ago.

Mayor Jerry Tatro said water to the affected area has been shut off for the winter and the city will investigate the source of the leak in the spring. The antique store closed for the winter.­

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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