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Weekend crashes look serious but cause no injuries


Two crashes Friday night that looked worse than they were nevertheless kept law enforcement hopping.

But there were no injuries in either crash, despite eyewitness reports to the Enterprise that there were serious injuries or fatalities.

At 6:30 p.m., a 2004 Mack semi truck rear-ended an SUV on Highway 71 13 miles north of Park Rapids near County Road 41. The SUV was pushed into the rear end of a camper.

According to the State Patrol, semi driver Ben Anderson of Clearbrook came over a hill and “saw a line of cars stopping quickly. He tried to avoid the other vehicles but could not stop in time, could not take the ditch (steep with an approach) and could not take the opposing lane as there was a vehicle coming.”

Anderson’s truck rear-ended the SUV, driven by Jayme Jo Nettestad of Hickson, N.D.

“She saw the cars in front of her hit their brakes hard and come to a stop,” the State Patrol report indicated. “She was going to swerve into the opposing traffic, but there was a car coming. She hit the brakes hard and came to a stop” after hitting the camper in front of her.

Anderson’s passenger, Kyle James Kappedal, was not injured. Neither were the occupants of the camper, Brian Paul Jenc and Kimberly Ann Jenc and two children.

The second crash, about two hours later, occurred on Highway 64 in Badoura Township when a southbound SUV slowed down to make a U-turn at Highway 87.

The State Patrol said Vernon Tilson Holland, 81, of Akeley, “did not see the semi behind him apparently and pulled onto State 64 and hit the rear axle of the semi. The vehicle rolled down the trailer of the semi and went under the rear axle of the trailer. The SUV was sheared off at the dashboard. Their feet were hanging out of the vehicle.”

There were no injuries and medical personnel on the scene checked out all the parties involved.

The semi truck driver, Daniel Chad Melford, 58, of Pennington, told the Patrol he moved over but was unable to avoid the crash. Melford was not injured.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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