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St. Joseph’s earns gold medal for organ donation outreach

St. Joseph’s Area Health Services knows that one organ donor can be a hero for up to 60 people in need of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Out of dedication to the community and an as an extension of its healing mission, St. Joseph’s works in cooperation with lifesource to share Donate Life Minnesota campaigns to educate, promote awareness, and encourage people to register their intent to become donors.

Outreach and ongoing efforts by St. Joseph’s, with support from St. Joseph’s Auxiliary, have been honored by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

St. Joseph’s was one of four healthcare systems in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota to earn gold medal recognition status for their work. The Mayo Clinic, Hennepin County Medical Center and Sanford Center of Fargo also reached gold medal recognition levels.

“We are grateful for the partnership of our hospitals in sharing the message of donation,” said Susan Gunderson, Chief Executive Officer of lifesource. “We know that these hospitals are pillars in their communities and that their support of the gifts of donation has truly had an impact in increasing public support for the gifts of organ and tissue donation.”

The majority of this work took place from September 2012 through May 2013 as part of the Workplace Partnership for Life Hospital Campaign.

Hospitals earned points for each activity held to educate staff, patients, visitors and community members about the critical need for organ, eye and tissue donors. Nationally, activities helped to add 221,834 new organ donors to the national registry.

Thirteen other healthcare organization in lifesource’s tri-state region attained silver and bronze recognition levels.

To learn more about organ, eye and tissue donation, or to register as a donor, visit