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Help available for failing septic systems in Hubbard County

     Hubbard County Land Records – Environmental Services received a one-time allocation of $20,902 from the state of Minnesota to help low income households upgrade failing septic systems.

     This money will be dispersed to eligible households in the form of a grant that will cover up to 60 percent (not to exceed $6,000 per system) of the cost to upgrade a failing septic system.

     To qualify, a property must have a failing septic system and a tax classification of a homesteaded single family home or duplex, and the household must meet low income guidelines.

                Applications will be accepted until August 30, 2013 at which time grants will be awarded. For more information, please contact Environmental Services at 218-732-3890 or access the “SSTS low income grant application” online under the “Environmental Services” category at: