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County keeping tabs on predatory offenders

Shaun Maurice Dibble

BY Sarah smith

A compliance check of a secretive sort is taking place in Hubbard County these days, one that doesn’t involve sending a kid into a store for alcohol or cigarettes.

The information gathered is unknown, and not generally shared with the public.

Deputies are checking predatory offenders, to make sure they are properly registered under state law.

But by law, only Level 3 predators, considered most likely to re-offend, are part of the public notification process.

Level 1 and 2 offenders generally skate under the radar. Their names, numbers and whereabouts are unknown, unless they fall out of compliance.

“We are checking all of the sex offenders in our county,” emailed Hubbard County Sheriff Cory Aukes this week.  “I have decided Hubbard County is going to be making sure every predatory offender is in compliance with where they are living, current photo, etc.”

Aukes said the county has 67 offenders, Class 1, 2 and 3, living in the county.

Only two Level 3 offenders, Troy Lee Bruce and Mark Rehn, live in the county, according to Department of Corrections data.

“There are three levels of sex offenders and the statute that allows for this website to be created directs us to list the Level 3 sex offenders, those that are considered most likely to offend so you won’t find Level 1 and Level 2 sex offenders on there,” said John Schadl of the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

“They are required to register with local law enforcement,” he added.

“Level 3 sex offenders are reported widely and their information is widely available,” he added. “Local law enforcement has some type of direction to notify the community, whether it be a press release or something else,” Schadl said. “With Level 2s and 1s, there are community notifications, but they may not be broad community notifications. They may notify schools or residents at their discretion.”

“Actually registration information is not public,” said Mark Bliven of the DOC.

“It’s maintained by the BCA,” he said. “The only people who end up getting listed on public websites are the Level 3s and there are almost 300 of them,” Bliven said.

“Anybody that’s not compliant, a determination is made by the BCA working with local law enforcement such as the Hubbard County Sheriff, if they determine somebody’s out of compliance they can publicize that if they want to,” Bliven said.

“It’s an administrative process, registration, and as long as people are in compliance, then their information is not made public. They’re not breaking any laws. They’re fulfilling their requirements,” he said.

“There are about 17,000 registered offenders in the state,” Blivens said. “Registration means anybody who fulfills the registration requirements, meaning that they have to register their information with law enforcement, that’s what registration is,” Bliven said.

Only Level 3 and non-compliant offenders are on that (public) list.

“That’s a pretty small minority,” he said.

“Statistically they could probably tell you there are a certain number that are registered in the county,” he said. “That’s not disclosing private information. The ones keeping in touch. The ones Hubbard County wants to check on now are to make sure they’re in compliance, either charge them or bring them back into compliance, Blivens said. “A lot of communities do that.

“They have all the information,” he said of law enforcement.

“Most of them are sex offenders but there are some people who have never been convicted of a sex offense that are on the registry because they were charged with a sex offense or convicted of something like kidnapping,” Blivens said.

One who didn’t get away is Shaun Maurice Dibble, 42, address unknown, who is charged with Failure to Register on Jan.15.

Dibble “failed to provide written notice to the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office of a new primary address and that he no longer resided at the primary address listed on his registration,” the complaint states.

Dibble is required to register until June 20, 2017.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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