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Panther Post: C'motion introduced as high-energy exercise program for Century students

Students have fun using the C'motion program at Century School. (Submitted photo)

BY Aarin Galzki



At Century Middle School, students in 5th-8th grade are getting their fitness a little differently for the next couple weeks.

C'motion has taken over their regular physical education class to offer students a high-energy program that benefits students of all abilities. The students will spend three days improving their physical fitness and athletic skill while being motivated with impressive, state of the art equipment provided by C'motion. This equipment combines exercise with a video game that has the kids motivated to move! C'motion was also available for the students to use at their Rec Night on Friday, Feb. 22.

To help lower the cost of this event for our students, the PTA as well as the Student Council agreed to help finance the program. So far, the students who've participated in it have walked out of class sweating and smiling after having pushed themselves to their limits.

The Century School Physical Education Department is always looking for new and fun ways to get our youth to enjoy being active and expose them to opportunities that not all of them would have had. We've enjoyed the intensity of this program and hope that our students may have learned a new and fun way of staying in shape!