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Panther Post: Uninvited guests

His name was Gerald Cassius, and his heart was pounding with fear. He could hear it. Although Gerald was definitely sure he was not imagining it, he did not know what it was. Or even if it was real; maybe he was just going crazy, he thought. Gerald was debating whether it was a good idea to go check it out or stay behind his locked bedroom door. He soon decided that he could do it. He could make it out of his bedroom door, across the hallway, down the stairs, and explore the first floor of his home.

He took his first step towards the door walking very slowly and listening hard, hoping he would hear nothing but the beating of his heart and the squeak of the floor boards with every ginger step he took. He paused after every foot-fall, listening for a second before taking the next. He wanted to be as quiet as he, Gerald Cassius, could be.

Finally he had reached the door. He slowly rested his fingers upon it and grasped, softly at first and then with enough strength to turn the knob. He spun it as slow as a sloth. Listening with every inch it turned... Click. It was open!

He was a fourth of the way there, he thought. Again he was stepping with such caution. Slowly and patiently he went down the steps. He was going so slowly in fact that he nearly tripped himself a time or two. The last step was creeping closer. Finally his foot landed on it and he was on the first floor of his home.

Even though he was there, he was frozen. He could not move. He was stuck in the last place his feet had ended on the torturous move forward. Gerald could not move because he was listening. And thinking. Thinking so hard you could nearly hear the gears inside his skull rotating together.

There the noise was again. It was coming from his left side. The door was his first thought. He looked at it for some time and hearing nothing he dismissed it and turned toward his dining room. Right in mid-turn he heard it again and nearly jumped! It was definitely coming from the door. Again he resorted to staring at it and listening intensely. But this time it was not what he heard, but what he saw...the door knob. He was sure he had seen the door knob turn. But when he blinked and did a double take on the knob, Gerald did not see it move a centimeter.

He exhaled the air he had been holding in his lungs since he reached the last step of the stairs. He declared himself insane. Gerald Cassius turned to go take a nap. He had enough of this nonsense. Bang! Bang! Bang! He screamed. Then he looked around to make sure it was he that had indeed just screamed. Yes, it was him. He was utterly horrified.

He sprinted to the door. He flung the door open with the speed of a racecar. Gerald stood there in amazement with his mouth gaping open as there were approximately a hundred people standing on his front porch. "Surprise!" they all shouted at the top of their lungs. "Huh?" he replied out of confusion. "Happy 56th Birthday Gerald!" they again shouted with joy. He himself had forgotten about his own birthday. How lucky he was, he thought to himself, to have such an amazing group of family and friends in his life that he could rely on to remember things such as his birthday; when even he had forgotten.