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Panther Post: Park Rapids students, teachers using technology to transform education

"Tranforming education" is our vision for excellence at Park Rapids Public School.

What that means is refining our daily instruction, reflecting upon our students' learning needs, and digging deeply into how we can improve as teacher leaders.

One step toward transforming education is the use of technology as a learning tool. If you step into any classroom from pre-school to high school, you will notice teachers using a new tool, the iPad. This powerful tool is changing how we teach, learn, and increase achievement.

The world we live in is much more technology based then ever before. Children from the youngest ages are advancing into this new, immediate, information-based world. Children are technology natives. Because of this new way of learning, we as teachers must figure out how to meet these students' needs so they are prepared for this changing world.

At Century School, all teachers are engaged in monthly study groups led by teacher leaders to learn the management of the ipad as well as what applications are best for their students. We also have 20 ipads in the elementary we are using now with some students. This is an exciting time as we transform our teaching to meet the needs of our students for the future!