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Panther Post: The future of education is exciting for Park Rapids

Lance Bagstad has accepted the offer of superintendent of the Park Rapids School District.

It is interesting times in which we live. As our nation anxiously awaits a monumental election in November, the outcome of which will most certainly have an impact stretching deep into all of our lives. The future of our nation's education system is also in the forefront of debate and will surely be dissected and discussed at all levels.

As we look at this election and the implications of the democratic process, the focus of Park Rapids Area Schools remains to ensure our children are provided the deserved educational programs preparing them for a hopeful and promising future in the 21st-century. As I continue to observe and learn of the good things occurring every day in our Park Rapids Area Schools, I am constantly thinking about the future and how transformation begins with a vision.

Our presidential candidates, speaking at their respective conventions, both pushed heavily on the innovation of America and how it starts with vision. Their message also stressed that in order to be innovative in the future we cannot solely rely on the past. The auto industry was used to some extent as an analogy to make their point. In many organizations including schools, self-evaluation and program improvement is an essential part for success. However, in the transformational age that we live in, it would be wise first to consider thinking differently about our programs and how we can transform them for the future. By always looking in the rearview mirror and doing things as they have always been is not the best evaluation tool for the future.

Thinking creatively and forward, we can free ourselves from the grip of doing what we have always done and expect different results.

I am excited about the future and the transformation that we will live. In no other age have students been provided the tools, skills, connectedness, information, and opportunities for success. Park Rapids Area Schools will continue forward thinking on providing those best opportunities for students to experience success. The positive mindset we must maintain is to keep facing forward with our eyes wide open looking for every opportunity that will be new, challenging, innovative, and transformational for our students.