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Uniforms now required for middle school physical education classes

Park Rapids middle schoolers will be required to wear uniforms for physical education classes starting this fall.

Physical education teacher Aaron Galzki gave a list of reasons for requiring uniforms for grades 5-8.

n PE uniforms promote kindness, pride and school spirit.

n PE uniforms support safe and appropriate dress.

n PE uniforms ensure that all students have a change of clothes for PE and can practice good hygiene.

Uniforms will be available through the school and can be purchased in the middle school office. Parents can purchase more than one set of shorts and shirts for their students.

The middle school uniform includes black mesh shorts with at least a 7 inch inseam for $7 and a "Be Kind" orange and black t-shirt from the Josh Stevens Foundation for $5.

The Be Kind program was implemented last year to spread the message of being kind. The mission is to recognize and reward a child's heartfelt kind acts and to inspire more children to be more kind, more often. It's a simple way to "catch" a child and let them know that their genuine kindness can change the world.

Uniforms can be purchased at the school's open house from 4:30-6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30 at Park Rapids Century School or during the first week of school. Keep the receipt of purchase and give it to one of the physical education teachers who will issue the purchased uniforms to students.

Galzki and school staff believe the school price is significantly less expensive than purchasing a comparable set of clothing, however, parents or students will have the option to independently buy clothing that conforms to the PE dress code and is approved by the PE department or school administration.

Here is the Century School PE dress code for middle schoolers:

n Students must wear a complete change of clothes for PE.

n T-shirts must be a Josh Stevens Foundation "Be Kind" shirt. Any color is acceptable.

n The shirt must be loose fitting, and not altered in any manner.

n Shorts must be black mesh shorts with a 7 inch inseam or longer.

n Shoes must be tennis shoes that tie tightly and are safe for a variety of activities.

n Students are encouraged to bring loose fitting sweatpants and/or a sweatshirt to wear for outdoor activities.

n Students will be allowed to wear their sweatpants and/or sweatshirt for indoor activities as well.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561