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Area schools see increases in MCA scores


The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test results were released this week showing students in grades three through eight making gains in reading and math across the state.

Park Rapids students, overall, were slightly above the state averages; the students were 66 percent proficient in math, 77 percent proficient in reading.

The state summary of all students shows 62 percent proficient in math, 76 proficient in reading.

Minnesota students in third through eighth grade take the MCAs in reading and math. In addition, 10th graders take a reading test and 11th graders are tested in math. Students need not make a certain score to go on to the next grade.

Century elementary students earned the highest scores in the area, with a 93 percent proficiency rating in math, 86 percent in reading.

Century middle school students scored 60 percent in math proficiency, with 71 percent proficient in reading.

The math proficiency percentages increased at every grade level, Century principal Joleen DeLaHunt reports. Other than third grade, every grade was up at least 15 percent from 2011.

"I'm thrilled," DeLaHunt said of the rise in scores. "I'm so proud of the students, so proud of the staff."

She attributes this to developing an improvement plan, involving staff and parents, who were "vigilant" in the implementation. A "professional learning community" met monthly, studying research and sharing ideas.

"Interventions were in place to assist students," DeLaHunt said. Elementary students had double math blocks of time. Middle school students met in small groups to target math skills.

From 2011 to 2012, eighth grade scores saw a 16 percent gain, she said. Seventh grade scores were up 26 percent. "Significant improvements."

In 2011, Century sixth graders scored 32 percent proficiency in math. The same students in 2012, as seventh graders, were 69 percent proficient in math.

Seventh graders in 2011 were 44 percent proficient in math; as eighth graders in 2012, they earned a 66 percent proficiency score.

The students took the math tests online this year, and were given an opportunity to test up to three times. Students received immediate feedback and set personal goals for improvement, DeLaHunt said. "Instruction was adjusted to meet student needs."

Next year, however, that may be modified to a single opportunity, DeLaHunt said.

In reading, Century was above the state percentages in all but one grade, with percentages improving from 2011, DeLaHunt reports.

By grade level, Century third graders were 91 percent proficient in math, 85 percent proficient in reading.

Fourth graders were 95 percent proficient in math, 88 percent in reading.

Middle school proficiency in math and reading, respectively, was fifth grade - 57 and 80, sixth grade - 47 and 68, seventh grade - 69 and 66 and eighth grade - 66 and 70.

Park Rapids sophomores were 79 percent proficient in reading.

Forty percent of Park Rapids juniors were proficient in math.


Nevis School's overall proficiency percentages were 68 in math, 80 in reading, above the state 62 percent and 76 percent, respectively.

Nevis elementary proficiency scores were 78 percent in math, 83 percent in reading.

Tenth graders earned 79 percent proficiency in the reading test; 53 percent of 11th graders were proficient in math.

Nevis proficiency percentages in math and reading, respectively, by grade are third - 73 and 77, fourth - 80 and 79; fifth - 82 and 89, sixth - 74 and 88, seventh - 50 and 65 and eighth grade - 64 and 81.


Laporte's overall scores are 43 percent proficiency in math, 73 percent in reading. Elementary proficiency percentages are 47 and 76, respectively, are 38 and 69 at the high school.

Proficiency percentages in math and reading, respectively, by grade, are third - 72 and 84, fourth - 35 and 65, fifth - 33 and 79, sixth - 47 and 76, seventh - 47 and 53, eighth - 47 and 67.

Eighty-four percent of 10th graders were proficient in reading, 14 percent of 11th graders proficient in math.


Menahga's proficiency ratings were above the state's at 69 percent in math, 77 percent in reading.

Seventy-five percent of Menahga elementary students were deemed proficient in math, 82 percent proficient in reading.

At the secondary level, 86 percent were proficient in math, 69 percent in reading.

Proficiency percentages in math and reading, respectively, by grade, are third - 90 and 87, fourth - 74 and 72, fifth - 71 and 91, sixth - 62 and 76, seventh - 57 and 60 and eighth - 63 and 69.

Eighty percent of 10th graders were proficient in reading, 51 percent of juniors proficient in math.