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Panther Post: Park Rapids students busy taking comprehensive tests

Shelli Walsh

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments are coming to a close in Minnesota.

District 309 has finished the reading tests this past week for grades 3-8 and grade 10. Grade 9 writing and grade 11 math were also completed. For grades 3-8 we are taking the math tests online. The Century School had the opportunity to choose to take the tests online. We felt this would benefit our students because this year the state allows a student who takes the math online three opportunities to take the test.

We have completed one testing session and had the second round of testing for grade 3, 4, 7 and 8 this past week of April 23-27. So, far we have been pleased with our initial results. Every grade level has met or exceeded the percentage of students who met or exceeded the standards last year.

In round two the grade levels are deciding who will take the test again. Some grades are testing everyone for a second time while others are concentrating on improving the scores for those who partially met or did not meet the standards during the first round of testing. After the second round of test scores are in, the math teachers will make additional adjustments and make the decision if any students will take it one more time.

We have been happy with the online testing for two reasons. The first reason is the feedback. Once the student submits their test the district is able to see their scores immediately and is able to provide that student with feedback and interventions. The second reason is the one-shot test theory. All of us know that each district is graded on how well their students perform on the MCAs. The opportunity for students to take the test multiple times allows for less anxiety. But more importantly it also allows a student the opportunity to work on their weaknesses and try it again.

Testing officially ends on May 18. We still have science testing to complete for grades 5, 8 and 10 as well as the third opportunity for math. Our students and teachers have been very accommodating in this process. The month of April is not easy to begin with due to weather issues but also add testing on top to that schedule and the end of the school year being right around the corner, it could spell disaster.

We are proud of our students and teachers. Thank you for all the hard work you have done so far this year. Keep up the good work.