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Sticker shock greeted District 309 taxpayers living ­­in Becker County

District 309 taxes doubled for most Becker County residents living in the Park Rapids School District. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

Some Becker County residents in School District 309 got sticker shock when they opened their property tax statements this spring.

"When we certified the rate to Becker County we certified it incorrectly so we recertified it and they didn't catch it," said Hubbard County Auditor Pam Heeren.

But Heeren said the county "is making up for what they should have paid last year, they're just paying it this year."

Heeren said it's a "referendum market value tax not tax capacity" so it's based on the market value.

Many people said they were hit with increases of 50 to 100 percent, in some cases doubling what they paid last year.

"That's possible and it's just Becker County" residents in the Park Rapids School District, Heeren said.

"It's the portion they should have paid last year and the portion they should have paid this year," she added. "It's unfortunate when it happens but they didn't pay it last year so they got an easy year."

Next year things should be back to normal, Heeren said.

But it may take that long for the grousing to die down.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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