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Panther Post: 'I LOVE TO READ'

Angie Voigt and her daughter Claire Voigt celebrate reading. (Submitted photo)

While February is known by many as Black History Month and American Heart Month, February carries special significance in Miss LaVoie's kindergarten classroom.

To celebrate "I Love to Read" Month, this kingdom of kindergarten invites a variety of adults, from parents to administration to retired teachers, to read in their classroom. Each Royal Reader is invited to wear the provided royal apparel, is greeted with the royal wave and reads a favorite story to a rapt audience.

After each story, the Royal Readers are asked to become a loyal supporter of reading by signing the Royal Proclamation signifying that he/she believes reading is important. Finally, each Royal Reader is invited to select a royal hug from the royal treasure box before exiting the kingdom of kindergartner to a chorus of thank yous, curtseys and bows! Happy reading!