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Panther Post: Collect labels on food boxes to help your school

The Century School PTA is hard at work collecting labels again this year.

We continue to collect Box Tops, Campbell's UPCs, Kemps milk caps and proof of purchase seals, Land O' Lakes milk caps, Coborn's Labels for Learning receipts, Our Family UPCs (J&B Foods), Fast Fixn's, Sunny D, and Tyson's labels.

The money collected from the Box Tops goes to the Century School media center. It is used to buy new books for the library. In the last 11 years, we have been able to give the library over $25,000. What an accomplishment! The money from the other labels is used to buy school supplies for teachers and students to use throughout the school year.

People would be truly amazed as to how much the supply closet is used! Remember that every single label makes a difference. Please send in labels with your child, grandchild, neighbor or friend. The classrooms that collect the most labels are treated to a classroom party.

If you don't have anyone in the school district, please drop your items off at the Century School office or your local church. Collection containers will be placed in some of our local churches this school year.

The Century PTA, staff and students would like to express our gratitude to the community for supporting our label collection project. We are hopeful that we will feel the continued support from the community as we begin this school year and collect more labels than ever before!

If you would like more information or would like to help us sort, clip, or count labels, please contact the Century PTA at 237-6360.