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Panther Post: Be safe when dropping off students

Inclement weather will soon be upon us and as a result we would like to again emphasize the importance of our drop-off and pick-up zones.

As everyone knows there are two areas at the Century School for dropping off and picking up. One area is the bus zone. Only busses are allowed in this area during school time. The other area is the front entrance zone. This is the zone that we have the most concerns about. When the Century School was designed, this area was meant for quick drop off or picking up. It is a one way with two lanes with an additional area located on the right for students to be dropped off or picked up.

Our concerns are many.

First, there are a number of people who use this as a parking area. Please do not park and leave your car to enter the school. This causes traffic congestion as many parents are trying to navigate this area. Please do not use the middle part of the one way to drop your children off. When car doors are opening from both sides of the vehicle it becomes very tricky and we want to avoid any or all accidents we possibly can.

So what can you do to help alleviate these problems or concerns?

First, if you need to park, please use the parking lot. There are visitor parking spots available and we will be adding more for a total number of 10 spots, 5 on each side of the main sidewalk for people to use. When you are dropping off or picking up, please use the area to the far right closest to the sidewalk. It would also help if you would go beyond the crosswalk to get this done. That would allow for less congestion of traffic at the beginning of the one-way traffic.

We realize everyone is busy and in some cases in a rush to get their students to or from school but our concern about ALL of our students' safety is a top priority. If you would follow just a few of these simple tips it would go a long way in preventing any serious accidents.