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Century first graders ponder reasons for 'thanks' holiday

Century first graders in Brianne Morris' class pondered on what they are thankful for this holiday, sharing thoughts.

Amelia Pierce-Little: My family because they are nice to me.

Makayla Dumond: My horses at my grandma's!

Mason Yliniemi: Helping my dad work!

McKenzie Hagen: Sharing my toothpaste with my brother.

Marcus Ronnebaum: Sharing my toys with my brother.

Coby Hagen: Food because you can survive with it!

James French: For being alive!

McKenzie Girtz: My grandma because she helps me with my math!

Robby Sherk: My dad because he rents me video games.

Tori Weaver: That when we miss the bus my dad brings me to school.

Evan Nisius: Turkey, so I can eat it!

Kenzie Eberhardt: My grandma cooking with me!

Hailey Kimball: When my daddy gives me candy!

Ethan Campbell: Food because when I am hungry it won't make me hungry anymore!

Oliver James: Thanksgiving because I get to spend time at home with my family!

Christopher Bruce: My mom because she always helps me!

Kayla Olafson: God because he is special!

Danielle Preston: Panthers because I like them!

AnnaBelle Sherman: God because he created us and made us.

Natalie Viloria: My family because they love me!

Matt Lichter: My mom and dad!

Kenny Barr: Papa!

Anna Misamore: My family and friends!

Brianne Morris: Family, friends, baseball, food and an amazing class of first graders that I get to teach everyday. Thank you for sharing your child with me!