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ParentVue program to monitor student progress is underused, school says

Park Rapids parents are tardy/absent.

ParentVue, an online program allowing parents/guardians access to information on students' grades and assignments, is generally not being used, high school principal Jeff Johnson reported at this week's board meeting.

Of the students' 2,000 parents, just 200 are checking via the site, he said. "I had higher expectations."

Student participation has been higher because many of the teachers require use of the site, he said.

ParentVue, which became operational in October, requires parents to stop by the elementary, middle or high school offices to set up an account and receive an activation code. Proof of identity is required.

Accommodations can be made if parents do not live in the area or it's a hardship to get to school during office hours.

Once the account has been established, parents can then access ParentVue through the schools' website,


Parents should scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ParentVue icon.

Parents and students can create a ParentVue or StudentVue account.

A parent/guardian with more than one child needs to set up just a single account.

Instructions send parents through the process. Once established, parents can view current grades from a teacher's gradebook, final grades posted to the student's transcript, attendance records, assignments and lunch activity.

Parents or guardians without a home computer a can access the information via a library computer, once the account has been established.

"It's a great way for parents to stay on top of where their student's at," high school counselor Susan Rassier said. "And it's a useful tool for parents and kids to talk about what's going on in school."

Parents can click on a key to e-mail a teacher. It's an easy way to communicate, she said.

Information is available for students in grades 4-12; kindergarten through third grade is not using the program.