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Century students write letters to Santa

Grace Litzau adds some color to her letter to St. Nick as her mentor, Shay Clinton, looks on. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)1 / 3
First grader Emily Schulz put pencil to paper to send Santa greetings, assisted by Tori Hilmanowski. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)2 / 3
Jeremy Swanson, right, guides Isabelle Croskrey in penning her letter to St. Nick.3 / 3

'Tis the season to communicate with Santa. And, as has become a nearly two-decade tradition, Century fifth graders in Kathy Pilgrim's class paired with Peg Lindstrom's first graders to pen requests - and pose some key questions - to Jolly Old St. Nick.

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is Legos. Rudolph is a cool deer. You trained him well. You have good workers; they are good elves. It's a cool thing that you have Rudolph to fly. Santa, you are a good man.

Malakai Rogahn

P. S. Thank you.

Dear Santa,

I want a Ben 10 toy and a Wii game. We don't have a chimney so you can sneak through the door.

Mason Chevalier

Dear Santa,

Are you real, Santa? Are your elves funny? I would like a monster truck. How do you make toys? Can you bring Rudolph to my house?

Gary Wood

Dear Santa,

I want a Barbie puppy swim doll. I made bars and milk. How is Rudolph doing? Is it cold? Does the sleigh have enough Christmas spirit? Thank you!

Grace Litzau

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus? Does Rudolph still have a red nose? I want a DSI and a sled.

Isabelle Croskrey

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a helicopter with a camera on it. I will leave you cookies.

Brenden Rentz-Molde

Dear Santa,

Do you have a dog? I want anything. Do you like Rudolph? Is it cold on the North Pole? I'm trying to be extra good.

Isaiah Olson

Dear Santa,

Please can you give me a little dinosaur? Can you give me a transformer and a Bakugan? Thank you, Santa. Please can you give me my things?

Alex Eischens

Dear Santa,

I really want a puppy. What is your favorite thing to do? I will leave you milk and cookies. A phone is what I want for Christmas.

Sasha Richards

Dear Santa,

What is your favorite color? Santa, I want DSI games. Thank you, Santa, for last year's present. I liked it.

Gracie Gardner

Dear Santa,

Santa Claus, Christmas is going to be fun this year.

How is the North Pole and the elves? I would like a nerf game.

Ethan Forseman

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the present last year. For Christmas I would like a X-box 360.

Michael White

Dear Santa,

Does Rudolph have a red nose? What is your favorite cookie? Please can you get me a rapid fire? May I have a sled?

Sam Reish

Dear Santa,

For a present, I like trucks. I like tractors and toy farm and a cow and pig. Rudolph, I want to play with Santa and my brother.

Mason Laturnus

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, American Girl clothes, American Girls and a big chocolate candy bar. How are the reindeer?

Holly Johnson

Dear Santa,

I know who you are. I want a Barbie and clothes. How is the weather?

Kaitlyn Smith

Dear Santa,

Red is your favorite color. How do your reindeer fly? Thank you for the presents last year. This Christmas is going to be fun. I would like a doll for Christmas.

Camara Cumber

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a Teddy bear, baby doll, glow in the dark pen and a bunny who talks? Do you have lots of reindeer?

Chelsea Dennis

Dear Santa,

I want Zu Zu Pets for Christmas. How is Rudolph doing? Is he ready for the big day? When is your birthday? I like Rudolph. How are the elves doing? I also want a kitten. Tell Rudolph "hi."

Alexis Johnson

Dear Santa,

I want a D.S. for Christmas. How are the reindeer doing? Thank you for the present last year. I am putting cookies out for you. What kind of cookies do you like?

Allyson Holmer

Dear Santa,

I want a nerf gun. Does Rudolph like carrots? How do the "raindeer" fly? I have a Ford truck. I would like a fake deer head. Super hero toys. I want candy canes too! And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys.

Aiden Nisius

Dear Santa,

I would like the movie "Santa Paws." I would like a Polly Pocket. How does your sleigh run? Is Rudolph real? What kind of cookies do you like?

Emily Schulz

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a video girl and a pillow pet. How old is Rudolph? How cold is the North Pole? How old are you?

Evelyn Guajardo

Dear Santa,

I want a new Wii game, Ben ten. I want a new red DS. Is it cold where you live?

Mason Schilling

Dear Santa,

Do you have a Star Wars? Do you have a toy light saver? Is your wife good? How are you?

Josiah May

Dear Santa,

We hope you have a nice Christmas. May I get a Lego Harry Potter for Wii? May I have a Play Station?

Ricoy Ronnebaum

Dear Santa,

When is your birthday? How is your Christmas? Is there a lot of snow at the North Pole?

Allison Offerdahl

P.S. I would like a Zu Zu Pet.