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Century's Hirt seeking online votes for desks grant

The election has come and gone but Century third grade teacher Bryan Hirt is asking for your vote.

Hirt has entered the Pepsi Refresh Grant for $25,000 to purchase 60 standing desks and stools for classrooms.

On the direct link to the site to vote for the request, http://www.refreshevery, he explains the reasoning.

"In our classrooms today, many kids need to move. That is why I want my students to Stand Up For Education," he writes.

"The cool part of the desk is the foot swing. Now each student can sit and swing their feet during a lesson or assignment and not disturb anybody," he said.

"Being able to move anytime and not disrupt the class will help not only in classroom management but also in class attentiveness and classroom performance.

"Having these desks would make a huge difference in our classroom," he said.

To that end, he's asking for votes. Hirt's instructions for voting: "Sign in on the website and vote for my idea." People entering the site have 10 votes, but Hirt said he believes only one vote per idea is accepted.

The "electorate" can also vote by texting.

Text 103645 to Pepsi (73774); standard text messaging rates apply.

People can vote both ways, but only once a day until the end of November, when the "ballots" are counted.

If the Hirt vote totals are in the top 10, the school wins. If his proposal is in the 11 to 100 range, it will be entered again for another month.

Cast those ballots - every day.