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Halloween hooligans

Century fourth graders teamed up with second graders to create some jolly jack o' lanterns, but not before preparing them for duty - pulling out the innards, Emily Olson, a fourth grader, a study in concentration. Their creations were to accompany the second graders home Friday.1 / 2
All dressed up and ready to go, members of Ky's (Deblieck) Clubhouse, from left, Lexi Randall, Kalyanna Mills, Ruth Schilling and Barbara Dolson paraded over to Frank White Education Center offices to show off costumes. Making a witches brew was on the agenda when they returned to the castle (classroom). The ingredients: ghost eyes (yogurt-covered raisins), lizard feet (peanuts), ants (sunflower seeds), witches fingers (Bugles), bones (pretzel sticks) and bat eyes (raisins). The little ghouls served it ...2 / 2